How We Offer Legal Services

Legal services can be delivered a number of ways.  In the age of the internet, the traditional law firm model of full service representation is no longer suited for most clients.  In view of this, HARP LAW takes a client centered approach to offering its legal services which caters around the evolving legal landscape. While access to the internet, technology and information has made it possible for clients to adopt a "do-it-yourself" legal approach, it has also allowed attorneys to provide value in other ways.  Instead of ignoring that reality HARP LAW is committed to embracing and complimenting this new reality.   

Full Service Representation

Full service legal representation is just what it sounds like. Providing a client with A to Z solutions that cover all aspects of a legal matter. For "basic" and traditional law firms, it's the only approach they are comfortable with.  HARP LAW is committed to providing clients with more than just a take-it-all or nothing option.      

Unbundled Legal Services

“Unbundled legal services” means breaking down a legal matter or a client’s legal needs into components. Essentially, an attorney handles certain parts of a legal matter and the client is responsible for the other parts of the matter.  When lawyers provide unbundled legal services, they are providing services to complete a specific task, or are representing the client for a limited purpose or legal process.

For example, a client might want to negotiate a contract itself and retain HARP LAW to provide advice on the most important terms and points for negotiation.  Instead of ordering a complete meal ("full service") you are ordering "a la carte," which is fine. 

Unbundled Services Offered

Legal Strategy COaching

Legal Research

Contract Review

Drafting Specific Contracts and Agreements

Ghostwriting Letters

Preparing Demand Letters


Organizing Documents and Exhibits

Providing Legal Guidance and Opinions