California Small Claims Coaching Advisor


HARP LAW advises plaintiffs and defendants in California who need help with their small claims case.  Attorney Hadi Harp has served over 100-hours as a mediator in Los Angeles small claims court and knows exactly what to expect the day of the hearing.

  • $249 - includes a 30 - 60 minute small claims coaching session (phone or video chat) 

  • $349 - includes a 30 - 60 minute coaching session (phone or video chat) PLUS a review of your court documents and evidence. 

FOR PLAINTIFFS:  We review your evidence and help you lay out your best arguments in a clear and concise manner.  Time is limited in front of the judge, so you want to make sure you're focusing on what's important and relevant.  We can help with that.  

FOR DEFENDANTS:  We can help craft your best legal defense arguments to present to the court.  The burden in small claims is on the plaintiff, so often times all the defendant must do is create a doubt in the view of the judge that the defendant is not responsible for the alleged loss. 

FOR EVERYONE:  We want you to be prepared for your hearing. In addition to discussing your specific case strategy, we go over best practices for the day of the hearing, including a discussion of what to expect at the courthouse, what to wear, and how to address the judge.

Our service is affordable, practical, and will give you the confidence you need for your small claims hearing. No need to come into our office.  You simply schedule a time below to discuss your case, and we’ll do the rest.