Attorney Advisor Sessions

  Legal Advisor Session

Faced with a general legal issue and have no idea where to start? 

Tired of calling law firms listening to messages, not getting call backs, and being passed off to paralegals and secretaries?  

Speak with an Attorney, Guaranteed.  Use the online scheduler below and we will call you at the time selected.  

With all Advisor Sessions, there is absolutely no commitment to retain HARP LAW for any legal services.  

Popular Reasons to Schedule a Legal Advisor Session

  • You've got some Cryptocurrency Tax Issues (click here for more information)

  • You are involved in a dispute and want to discuss your options

    • Small claims court process and limits

    • What can I do if I'm having a dispute with my business partner? 

    • How do I collect a debt from a client or a friend?

  • You are thinking about your business and its future

    • Benefits of incorporating a business or setting up an LLC

    • How do I protect my business's intellectual property?

    • How do I hire an independent contractor?

  • Anything else

    • You're being harassed by a debt collector

    • You're being sued in small claims

    • Someone is using your intellectual property without your permission

Important:  While discussions with our office over the phone remain confidential during advisor sessions, an attorney-client relationship will only be established through a signed written engagement letter between you and attorney Hadi Harp.